Daniel Urbano, Herpetologist

Letter of support from Daniel Urbano, citizen herpetologist.

Daniel José Urbano Delgado Popayán, Cauca, Colombia. Fundador Identificación de Serpientes de Colombia.

Andrea Burbank, MD. CEO, Savimbo Inc. Carrera 6 - #3-21, Villagarzón, Putumayo, Colombia

Dear and respected team at Savimbo Inc. Receive a cordial greeting.

I at this moment inform you of my support for the biodiversity methodology proposal proposed by you, using some native species of the Amazon as a conservation metric for the lungs of the world.

I write from my profile as a Colombian empirical researcher dedicated for 3 years to the study of neotropical herpetofauna with emphasis on non-Scolecophidia snakes and as Founder and Administrator of the Colombian Snake Identification project and also as Administrator and Director of Human Talent of Fauna of Colombia, positions for which I have been able to get closer to the conservation methodologies of Colombian biodiversity.

We, both Savimbo Inc. and the projects I manage. As conservationists, we know that there must be a priority in linking science with native ethnic groups who have been for generations the defenders and regulators of virgin ecosystems which are of vital importance for our conservation objective.

Both projects have more than 280,000 people registered in total, myself, and the administrator and founder of Fauna de Colombia, Juan David Franco Ángel, is ready to join this initiative that you had in favor of our wildlife since we see The simple and logical application of science in communities historically excluded from society such as Indigenous people is very important, and this application of its methodology will be of great benefit to the Cisandean region of Colombia due to the participation of citizens in it.

We, Daniel José Urbano Delgado and Juan David Franco Ángel, kindly lend us the Facebook database that we have in both projects so that in this way we also have more sentinel specimens to review the health of the ecosystem. Well, we have thousands of records of the vast majority of Colombia's biodiversity. With this loan from the platforms, with an approximate reach of 30,000,000 people a year between the two of us, we will seek to enhance the project for the conservation of our Amazon ecosystem.

As project leaders, we would love to communicate with you to expand the information on Savimbo Inc. and the two projects that are under our administration so that we can reach an agreement on possible aid with the sole purpose of sowing the seed of conservation. in each of our inhabitants.


Daniel José Urbano Delgado.

Colombian empirical researcher, Colombian Fauna administrator, and founder of Colombian Snake Identification.

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