Monitoring report

Summary of results during the monitoring period

The biodiversity credit calculation is automated and produces a report from observational data.

The monitoring period and reports can be as frequently as 1 year, and as infrequently as 5 years and must include:

  • Changes in Baseline assessment if applicable

  • Adaptive changes in Implementation plan

  • Any changes in project boundaries (such as scaling from a Grouped project) with .kml format

  • Any changes in Stakeholders, or project governance

  • Secure upload of raw project data for indicator species observations

  • Comparison report of Crediting area vs Leakage management area in hectares for current vs prior years of project implementation (Project areas)

  • Ideally publically-validated indicator species observations (i.e. iNaturalist)

The BCP shall include, in the monitoring report, a short qualitative summary of the activities carried out during each verification period and their effectiveness in terms of biodiversity conservation.

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