Additional monitoring requirements

Projects of greater area or complexity

Where applicable, extended reporting may be necessary, including: ​​

  • Leakage reporting. Projects that identified a leakage management area in their baseline assessment will need to include additional data in their monitoring plan to support the management of these areas.

  • Habitat use and habitat change within the BCP area. It is beneficial to monitor habitat loss, although the technology to do this well (ie. satellite mapping) may be exclusionary to IP and LC. The ISBM is designed to allow indicator species themselves to provide a proxy metric for habitat changes that are difficult to prove otherwise (degradation, noise pollution, poaching, etc.). Observations for indicator species also represent proxy metrics for project activities. Thus project data itself is ex-post tables of activity data by stratum carried out throughout the duration of the BCP. If sites already have this data, we recommend inclusion in monitoring reports.

  • Impacts of natural disturbances and other catastrophic events. Decreases in biodiversity from external forces over which the project proponent has no control including natural disturbances (eg. forest fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, and droughts) or human-induced events (e.g. fires, acts of terrorism, and war) will be reflected in observations and crediting directly. If this occurs BCPs should include a description in their monitoring report.

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