Temporal limits of the BCP

Clear timing of the biodiversity crediting project

The temporal limits of the BCP must be explicitly defined in the PDD. VBCs may only be earned for conservation outcomes during the period determined by these limits. VBCs can be earned retroactively, see below.

The temporal limits are the result of the long-term need for conservation against biodiversity loss, balanced against the contractual hesitance on the part of IP and LCs, the scientific limits of prediction in complex systems, acceptable market pricing, and the fundamental impermanence of biodiversity itself.

The methodology was intentionally written to allow for annual crediting based on evidence of continued presence of indicator species, rather than an assumed future state. Temporal limits are defined by six different periods (Figure 5).

  • BCP start date: The date on which the first on-the-ground actions were initiated, which led to conservation results. 5 years prior to the submission of PMP if project activities are well documented and have constituted effective and proactive conservation.

  • Historical period: Period in which ecosystem function, native indicator species, and drivers of biodiversity loss have been characterized. This period should not be less than five years before the project start date, and be justified for the stated CBD activities.

  • Baseline period: Period in which agents and drivers, ecosystem data, and indicator species public data is monitored for changes. Baseline reassessments are required every 5 years and

  • BCP duration: Time range (in years) for the conservation contracts that are in place. Contracts with a maximum duration of 30 years are cancellable after 1 year. These 30 years can occur in three consecutive accreditation periods of 10 years each. Predicted biodiversity loss in the absence of intervention is optionally estimated during this period as data may be slim, and these projections are scientifically limited. The starting year of this period should coincide with the project start date where the first BCP interventions are carried out in the territory.

  • Results period (VBC crediting period): Range of time (in years) over which BCP activities and the results of those actions are monitored in terms of observation of indicator species. The duration of this period is equal to the duration of the project activity and may not be less than one year.

  • Verification times: The periods of time within the results period in which the issuance of VBCs is verified by Cercarbono based on the indicator species observational data. Baseline reassessments are required every 5 years and a maximum interval of 3 years between successive verifications is allowed.


Figure 5. Temporal delimitation of the BCP

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