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Letter of support from Ned Horning biodiversity expert

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Andrea (Drea) Burbank, MD CEO, Savimbo Inc. Carerra 6 - Numero #3-21, Villagarzon, Putumayo, Colombia

Re: Savimbo Sentinel species biodiversity methodology

Dear Dr. Burbank,

I am expressing my support for your proposed biodiversity methodology to use sentinel species as a metric of conserved biodiversity in tropical forests.

I am commenting from the perspective of an environmental remote sensing expert with 40 years of experience, with over half of that experience dedicated to research and support of biodiversity and biocultural diversity.

During my last two years working for Regen Network Development, PBC, I have worked on alternative approaches to traditional payment for ecosystem services schemes such as the carbon market. For the most part, existing financial schemes to support nature-based solutions are not accomplishing their goals nor adequately rewarding the stewards, often from Indigenous people and local communities, supporting ecosystem regeneration.

I support this methodology because its novel approach has a logical, simple framework based on common sense. It is scalable and can be applied in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Developing this methodology would be enormously beneficial, as it could benefit not only the Amazonian Piedmont area but any area where biodiversity is at risk and requires special care and attention.

Finally, it is of utmost importance to guarantee a means of subsistence to those people who live in these ecosystems so they continue their typically traditional, regenerative practices. For this reason, credits created from this methodology are a sensible and viable way to support regenerative practices to continue conserving and protecting the biodiversity of the forests and their livelihoods.

While many researchers have access to state of the art tools to quantify biodiversity, this methodology leverages proven state-of-the-practice methods to allow for suitable accuracy, transparency, and standardization between ecosystems and across many endangered species. It is based on robust scientific research on which a sound market could be built and enable the immediate preservation of threatened areas worldwide.

I am available to respond to requests for information and am happy to provide an independent voice for the validity of this methodology.


Ned Horning


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