Inclusion of Indigenous Peoples and local communities by design

The ISBM was written by and for Indigenous and local peoples

The ISBM has been co-developed over one year with an on-site collaboration of biologists, conservationists, and Indigenous small farmers who live in the Putumayo Amazon, technologists, and direct involvement of representatives from five Indigenous nations (Kamëntsá, Cofan, Pasto, Emberá Chami, and Inga). Each of these groups represents an essential contribution to its relevance.

"Incumbent power structures have excluded diverse perspectives, by design or through ignorance. Facilitation of diverse voices needs more than an invitation. It requires investment, the provision of tools and information to bring all representatives to the same baseline of understanding on varied topics, from the complexities of carbon markets to the intricacies of Indigenous land practices.” (Cheikosman 2023)

To truly preserve biodiversity hotspots and functional rainforests requires a tremendous amount of work with IP and LC. Relationships must be based on respecting cultural differences in perspectives of time and trust. Methodologies that are overly complex or structurally exclusive can be inadvertently harmful to IP and LC. They are also subject to intentional corruption. But more importantly, they are simply ineffective. The people who best know how to preserve these species are the ones on the ground with millennia of experience. Ironically, these are exactly the people who are most infrequently consulted for ecological preservation.

This methodology was written by, and with true appreciation and respect for, IP and LC.

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