Principles for biocredit projects and their operability at project level

The principles listed here aim for a fair representation and credible accounting of VBCs achieved by BCPs.

The principles set out the basis for the justifications and explanations required in this document and the BCP should refer to the relevant principles and how they have been applied according to Cercarbono’s Protocol and the guidelines of the CBS.

  1. Accuracy: Measurements that the BCPs align with or are reasonably close to the actual values of nature.

  2. Coherence: The results of biodiversity conservation in both the baseline and project scenarios must be comparable over time. Any changes in data, scope, calculation methods, or other factors that are relevant to the time series need to be clearly documented. The calculations performed by the BCP must be reproducible and technically validated so that they can generate consistently well-supported results.

  3. Comparability: The results obtained by the BCP activity should be comparable against the use of methodologies, guidelines, and protocols, among others, such that the estimation and calculation of biodiversity conservation achieved by the BCP can be independently assessed and comparable.

  4. Completeness: All significant data sources generated by the BCP shall be included, as appropriate to the type of program or project.

  5. Conservatism: Conservative assumptions, values, and procedures should be used to ensure that biodiversity losses are not underestimated and that biodiversity conservation is not overestimated. On the feasibility of using two values of the same parameter at the same scale, the most conservative one should be used.

  6. Consistency: The assumptions, values, and procedures used by the BCP for the calculation of VBCs must be technically sound, consistent, comparable, and reproducible.

  7. Simplicity: The methodology is designed to be easy to use, understand, and validate for local and Indigenous people and by the corporate, consumer, and financial clients who buy the VBC. Using streamlined and vetted science to efficiently solve for nature’s complexity.

  8. Empowered participation and fairness: Human, as well as environmental sustainability, is critical to climate impact. The methodology prioritizes full participation and consent of marginalized communities by their traditions, as well as appropriate compensation.

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