Biodiversity methodology benefits

Savimbo's approach offers unique benfits

Benefits of the ISBM approach:

  • Capacity for immediate deployment.

  • Bridging of communication between modern science and Indigenous ecosystems understanding.

  • Simple and straightforward implementation.

  • Understandable, unified remuneration protocol.

  • Verifiable and scientifically provable evidence of biodiversity.

  • Inclusion of populations that are vulnerable and have never before been able to benefit from the financial system.

  • Consideration of the complexity of primary forest, based on scientific understanding of complexity theory.

  • Downstream benefits to other ecologies that depend on maintaining resilient primary rainforests and other primary ecosystems.

Bridging modern and Indigenous perspectives for the preservation of the planet is the primary driver of the ISBM. Bringing together these forces is our best hope for the immediate preservation of the natural treasures and ecosystem services that are essential for human and planetary survival.

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