Limitations of the indicator species biodiversity methodology

This methodology does not seek to fully quantify biodiversity in its crediting area. Instead, it seeks to provide a fair, transparent, and usable proxy metric for the conservation of ecological zones which are known to be high-value targets for planetary health.

While this methodology can show the extension of conserved ecosystem as rare and endangered species extend their habitats, and activity, it should not be used to show gains in ecosystem integrity (degraded ecosystem improvements). Which will fall under other methodologies that ideally can interoperate with our Unit.

This methodology is not designed for use for a particular species. Instead, it is encouraged for projects to collect data from as many qualifying species as possible to demonstrate an intact ecosystem in many taxonomic kingdoms.

As a standalone metric for conserved biodiversity, this methodology is designed to stack or bundle with other important ecological assets. Including soil, air, water, carbon, and equity. However, while it is possible for the presence of biodiversity to infer the presence of intact soil, water, and carbon flows, this methodology should not be used to quantify such inferences which would require specific ecological metrics that fall outside its bounds.

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