Olber Llanos, Zoologist

Letter of support from Olber Llanos, Zoologist

Jul 17, 2023

Olber Leonardo Llanos Villegas Florencia, Caquetá 3145314923 Affiliation

Andrea (Drea) Burbank, MD CEO, Savimbo Inc. Road 6 - Number #3-21, Villagarzon, Putumayo, Colombia

Re: Savimbo Biodiversity Methodology

Savimbo INC.

Through this letter I am expressing my support for Savimbo's biodiversity methodology based on indicator species as a mechanism for urgent and necessary economic change based on the conservation of the Amazon.

My experience in mammal monitoring in general, as a central axis of conservation I have dedicated more than 10 years in the conservation of big and medium cats, my knowledge in biodiversity has helped Indigenous communities in the lower Caquetá.

The world needs this methodology because we know and have the capabilities to urgently manage environmental problems and incidents with Indigenous peoples, due to this is the livestock expansion that is affecting cats, peasant communities and endangered species, due to lack of action by the entities that are responsible for monitoring and conserving primary forests.

He raised his voice in favor of this methodology because it is focused on the conservation of biodiversity, this methodology provides a method that allows to curb deforestation, hunting of feline prey and the displacement of Indigenous communities by agricultural and livestock expansion. For this reason, biodiversity is a viable way to generate paid jobs that is centralized to the conservation of the Amazon and the entire planet, since in this Amazonian population is centered most of the biodiversity present in the world, because of this as human beings we are obliged to conserve the fauna and flora of the primary forests.

I understand that the methodology is simple from the scientific rigor but I consider that the commitments that it makes to give compliance and credibility are viable, I am sure that these commitments are of great help and validity because:

  • The methodology will take into account trusted human coders who provide information on coordinates and date/time of observation records (video, audio or photo recordings).

  • For the calculation of the credit, the life area of the indicator species will be simplified into a circle, since the life areas of the animals are irregular, this geometric shape will be used to homogenize the credit calculation.

  • The basis of the methodology is the use of indicator species for the case were included, rare/shade/key/endangered, which are taken into account at different levels.

  • The methodology has coined an INTEGRITY SCORE in order to represent that the presence of one of the indicator species within the area means that it is well conserved and of good environmental quality.

  • The methodology does not contemplate the study of population density or identification of each individual.

  • The methodology will use public sources of data for biodiversity estimates or inherent characteristics of each species, sometimes for a much wider region, organized by taxonomic kingdom.

Indigenous communities and farmers who share territory are the main allies in curbing deforestation and conserving biodiversity.

I am willing to contribute all my knowledge in the field on issues of handling and installation of camera traps and their photo identification.


Olber Leonardo Llanos Villegas



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