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Clear and transparent instructions for biodiversity crediting from an IP or LC project

The instructions below provide the necessary steps for biodiversity crediting projects (BCPs) to demonstrate ongoing conservation outcomes by monitoring indicator species. We detail the design and implementation of conservation-first ecosystem projects, projects that aim primarily to avoid the loss of intact regional biodiversity in biodiversity hotspots or equivalent ecosystems.

It contains clear incentives for IP or LC to participate in, and benefit from these projects, thus reducing human predation through hunting or trafficking activities. The methodology delivers eligibility for third-party validation and results-based payments under emerging global market mechanisms. Initiatives must:

(Note: Savimbo's requirements might differ slightly from that of individual crediting bodies. Each accreditation body such as Cercarbono adopting the standard might slightly alter this list and should be consulted directly for projects seeking certification rather than simply MRV.)

We remain hopeful and determined that this methodology will have the intended effect of directly empowering the people with the biggest global impact on conserving biodiversity.

Figure 2: Steps in applying the ISBM approach

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