Implementation plan

How to implement a biodiversity crediting project

This methodology is applicable in resilient ecosystems with intact biodiversity that are under threat of a loss in biodiversity without intervention, or financial additionality. Projects should demonstrate a capacity to preserve endemic biodiversity by enabling IP and LC to become stewards of the ecosystem and deploying staff relying on traditional hunter-gatherer lifestyles to conserve the jungle and monitor for indicator species.

Each of the project activities must be under the responsibility of the project developers, and compliant with certification standards if applicable.

Implementation plans have been intentionally simplified, as the primary data from a project is not a plan, but an outcome. Where possible, BCPs should provide a clear description of:

  • Stakeholder relationships and analysis

  • Technical feasibility given available monitoring equipment

  • Financial feasibility and costs associated with monitoring

  • Legal feasibility within jurisdictional boundaries

  • Risks and uncertainties

  • Capacity and expertise, including IP and LC representation

  • Governance, including IP and LC representation

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