Document authors, contributors, and Indigenous advisors

This methodology is a scientific translation of the traditional ecological knowledge of the Pijao, Pasto, Embera chami, and Cofan communities in the Colombian/Ecuadorian Amazon.

Cercarbono, as a voluntary certification standard, has supported the elaboration and delivery of this methodology, developed by Savimbo Inc. and its internal technical team and endorsed by its board of advisors and CEO.

Authors fall into four categories: Direct authors of the methodology, Indigenous leaders who have advised on its creation and piloting and independently informed its core tenets, advocates and scientists who endorse the methodology, and reviewers who have publically commented on or otherwise informed its development without direct endorsement.

Direct methodology authors

Note: All contributing authors have been included according to ICMJE authorship/contributorship criteria.

Independent Indigenous leaders

Leaders appear in order of addition to the independent advisory panel.

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