SDG contributions

Contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Projects may wish to report their contribution to the UNSDGs. This methodology is specifically designed to preserve the environment with a directive towards financial inclusion and the preservation of local cultures. As a result of the design of each project, different SDGs may be relevant, and it is up to each project to evaluate the need for reporting on the outcomes as they relate to the SDGs.

Any projects reporting on their UNSDG goals must choose a maximum of five SDG focus areas, and include the specific target area by number. For qualification with UNSDG accounting, sub-topics must be specified for every goal. For each target, projects are expected to provide specific metrics and report on the metrics on a regular basis.

For example, SDG Goal 12 is "Responsible consumption and production." The project might focus on "12.a — Support developing countries to strengthen their scientific and technological capacities to move towards more sustainable patterns of consumption and production." The metric to accomplish the goal could be the number of camera traps installed to capture indicator species.

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